Who Is Driving?

  本商品為硬頁書(Board Book)

  這本書主要是在介紹各種類型的車子,讓寶寶認識車子及車子所發出來的聲音,除了車子,還同時介紹是那個動物在當駕駛,可愛的動物 + 形形色色的車子,叭叭叭~  一定會讓孩子愛上閱讀並且玩也玩不膩的猜一猜:「Who Is Driving?」【文∕博客來外文館】

  From fire trucks to convertibles and snails to elephants, here’s a book that’s full of toddler favorites! Kids can solve the puzzle: which animal is driving which vehicle? Bold illustrations full of funny details will make kids love reading–and playing–this simple guessing game again and again.